The ONYAs - a celebration of New Zealand's web industry

A celebration of New Zealand's web industry

Entries for ONYAs 2011 now open!

October 13th, 2010

We’re delighted to open entries for the ONYAs 2011!

We were extremely pleased and heartened by the success of the inaugural ONYAs and the support given them by the industry. That culminated with a wonderful awards ceremony and a feeling that there really is a lot for us to celebrate.

So, what’s changed and what hasn’t with the 2011 ONYAs?

Firstly, we’ll be keeping exactly the same categories as last year. We received some feedback as to possible changes we could make, but we’ve decided to keep things the same for the present. Whilst we’re aware that this industry changes rapidly and that the ONYAs absolutely need to reflect that, we also want to build up a tradition around the ONYAs. Changing categories too frequently isn’t going to help that.

The judges will be largely the same as for 2010, the only changes being that Simon Willison and Natalie Downe will be replacing Alex Wright and Amy Hoy. We thank Alex and Amy for their contribution last year and welcome Simon and Natalie on board for 2011.

The final change is that awards ceremony will take place the evening after the close of Webstock, rather than on the final night of Webstock. It will be on Saturday 19 February. This allows us to have the traditional Webstock closing party, but also, and more importantly, further establish the ONYAs as their own event. Plus, everyone will also have more time to get their “geek/designer formal” on for the awards!

Russell Brown will be back as awards MC and the Dark Room will again be involved in the evening’s entertainment!

The closing date for entries in Monday 15 November and we’ll be announcing the finalists for each category in early December.

Good luck everyone!

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